Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

The Most Popular Websites Loaded Insecurely

Each of the following 21 websites is sorted by Alexa rank and loads over an insecure connection without redirecting to a secure, encrypted connection.

Alexa Rank Website
24,482 pr.gov
33,189 clasificadosonline.com
38,982 upr.edu
45,425 uprrp.edu
58,104 suagm.edu
65,142 inter.edu
118,761 libertypr.com
153,477 universia.pr
201,633 dde.pr
203,913 ramajudicial.pr
241,133 upra.edu
262,463 themelike.net
277,886 magacin.com
280,508 iceyarns.com
298,963 ucb.edu.pr
307,891 dtop.gov.pr
373,021 rapeton.com
377,215 intermedpr.com
442,775 salud.gov.pr
448,921 periodicolaperla.com
626,564 fondopr.com

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