The Most Popular Websites Loaded Insecurely

Each of the following 23 websites is sorted by Alexa rank and loads over an insecure connection without redirecting to a secure, encrypted connection.

Alexa Rank Website
52,594 lmra.bh
77,664 batelco.com
82,479 alayam.com
84,768 albiladpress.com
190,705 gdnonline.com
198,824 edunet.bh
200,915 bna.bh
273,292 cinema.bh
279,309 akhbar-alkhaleej.com
323,975 twelvershia.net
366,291 mia.gov.bh
414,287 moe.gov.bh
422,263 propertyfinder.bh
490,836 remoteapps.com
558,086 malioglasi.com
653,663 necremit.com
695,825 mtt.gov.bh
705,871 amaiu.edu.bh
705,874 easyliferecharge.in
716,060 ku.edu.bh
782,702 cloudhostintl.com
823,046 sce.gov.bh
873,358 4pmnews.com

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