The Most Popular Websites Loaded Insecurely

Each of the following 22 websites is sorted by Alexa rank and loads over an insecure connection without redirecting to a secure, encrypted connection.

Alexa Rank Website
50,798 lmra.bh
55,450 edunet.bh
65,300 alayam.com
68,747 batelco.com
84,751 gdnonline.com
85,060 albiladpress.com
178,323 akhbar-alkhaleej.com
208,292 4pmnews.com
245,759 moe.gov.bh
252,032 propertyfinder.bh
297,218 citibank.com.bh
300,682 interior.gov.bh
319,946 health360.bh
371,002 asu.edu.bh
387,472 necremit.com
407,851 afs.com.bh
480,327 tatweerpetroleum.com
547,835 policemc.gov.bh
550,532 amaiu.edu.bh
597,442 malioglasi.com
667,510 mia.gov.bh
686,955 ku.edu.bh

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